10 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Summer Camp in Toronto
Summer Camps in Toronto

Although the city of Toronto has plenty to occupy kids and teens during the summer months, summer camps offer a number of benefits beyond simply staying busy. Has your kid ever asked you why they can’t go to school and learn only about music, technology or gymnastics? Summer camp answers that question while providing some of the most enriching experiences of their young lives and memories that last well into their adult years. The benefits don’t stop there, either. Here are 10 reasons why Toronto summer camps are an ideal spot for your kids:

(Loose) Structure. Left to their own devices, what would most kids do on a beautiful summer day? Spend it in front of a screen, texting, gaming or watching television. Going from the rigid structure of a school environment to absolutely zero schedule lends itself to a lot of wasted time.

Enrichment. Without the stresses of homework, grades, teachers and tight schedules, teens and kids have the freedom and time to pursue their passions. This might be music, dance, engineering, the great outdoors, sports, swimming – the list goes on. Summer camp gives them ample opportunity to focus on their favorite pursuits.

Safety. Even in a city as safe as Toronto, summer camps are a better place for kids. A lot can happen while you’re at work, and no matter how responsible your child is, even at 17, it’s better to have them under the watchful eyes of adults than leaving them to their own devices.

Socialization. Going to school with kids from the neighborhood is one thing, but sharing a summer with kids that are just as fired up about the same interests as your kid is a rewarding experience and can lead to lifelong friendships, improved social skills and…

Normalization. By being surrounded by kids and adults who share their interests, your child gets to learn that they aren’t weird or unusual. In fact, they’ll find that they are in good company. This goes far in developing confidence and self-esteem.

Peace of mind. Not only is your child’s safety important, but so is your peace of mind. We can’t tell you how many parents tell us how stressful summer is because they just can’t know for sure what their kids are up to. Our advice? Summer camp.

Toronto-style diversity. In a city like this, there are so many different camps being offered that it’d be a shame to let that variety go to waste. Even if you can only afford a couple of weeks of summer camp, it’s a great way to let your kid try explore different interests and enjoy new experiences.

Unforgettable memories. No matter what camp your kid goes to, they’ll come away with more than well-honed skills, lifelong friendships and photos. The positive memories that are forged in summer camp will last a lifetime.

Confidence. The ability to try new activities or delve deeper into their interests gives kids the opportunity to build their confidence. Whereas their school year is filled with a focus on well-roundedness, summer camp affords them the opportunity to excel at what they love, leading to more confidence.

Tax-breaks. Ok, this one is a benefit for the parents, but come next April, you’ll likely be looking for some tax deductions. Why not have one that comes with all of these other great benefits for your child?

Summer camps (in Toronto especially) are highly beneficial for school-aged kids and teens for a number of reasons, some of which are simply hard to quantify. Suffice it to say that they help develop skills necessary for the adult world and fill in some of the gaps of what schools can’t cover. 

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