Four Awesome Voice Camp Videos from 2012

2012 was a great year for Toronto Music Camp (TMC). We had larger Voice Camp groups, which created something a little bit different in the majority of our music videos. You see, with only five days to get down to business and make magic happen, many hands make light creative work. These groups came together in dynamic, unique ways to keep things interesting.

Here are the four fantastic videos our Voice Camp kids recorded over the summer of 2012. Take a look:

Like a Million Bucks. Our summer camp kicked off with a great quartet of young ladies called Realm covering Million Bucks by Cimorelli. These girls each brought a distinctively different voice to the mix. When blended together, they created a sound similar to the vocal elements of the original recording. The group did a fantastic job making this song slow down and take its time, transforming it from it’s original fast tempo to a more languid pace that flows with the theme and lyrics of the song.

You Da One. During week three, our ambitious campers took on the challenge of covering Rhianna. Bold, yes, but this group of girls and boys came together perfectly and made it sweet and uplifting. They created a beautiful harmony together, and each of the soloists demonstrated a strong vocal range that mirrored the original tune. The studio setting also worked well with this ear-worm.

Thriller. As summer camp went on, the creative stakes got higher and higher. The group of week four went all out on their rendition of Thriller, paying homage to late king of pop by painting their faces and taking to the streets of Toronto to show off those signature Michael Jackson zombie moves. The video is punctuated by a young man who gives Vincent Price a run for his money.

One Day. The Other Direction, our final Voice Camp group of the summer, recorded an original composition that they penned and rehearsed in the four days leading up to the video shoot. Yes, you read that right – four days. Few artists can go from concept to execution in that amount of time, but this group pulled it off in a preppy style that works great with the peppy, upbeat song and borrows quite a bit from the school setting.

All of our Voice Camp groups grow together as a team and learn a lot about how to be working musicians. Most of all, they always have fun doing it. Maybe that is why so many of them came back to Toronto Music Camp in 2013. It was a summer camp experience like no other!


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