Interview with a Camper: An Inside Look at Toronto Music Camp
Rock Camp Camper

Toronto Music Camp is something that has to be experienced to be understood. We asked one of our 2015 campers to help shine some light onto the TMC experience for all you would-be campers and parents of potential campers. We sat down with 10-year old Fiona, who attended TMC for the first time in 2015. She gave us the insider’s scoop on what it was like to experience TMC for the first time.

Fiona, what was Toronto Music Camp like?
FLK: It was amazing. I got to form a band with kids my own age, we had a lot of fun and got to perform and we learned a lot about playing as a band and playing rock songs. It was way different than my regular music lessons.

What was your role in the band?
I play piano, so I joined the band to play keyboards. Most of the songs I really liked; so I got to share the singing with another girl. She and I did a duet and each sang a song solo, while playing our instruments. I was a bit nervous with the singing because I don’t usually sing. But when we were performing, seeing the familiar faces in my band helped me a lot because they had my back.

Was it a lot of work?
FLK: Learning the different chords and notes in such a short span of time was definitely challenging, but the teachers were really helpful. They both helped – they would take me to a separate room to help me get the right rhythm, tune, words. They did that for everyone. It wasn’t all work. We went places to perform which was really cool. We also played games, went to the park and had a lot of fun.

What was something that surprised you?
FLK: That it was okay to make mistakes – we were all in it together and the teachers were really helpful.

Was it hard to make friends?
FLK: No, not at all. I had a lot in common with these kids because we played music, were similar ages and had similar likes and dislikes. We all had the same goal Interact with kids her age and play and sing.

I bet it was hard to say goodbye at the end – what was the last day like?
FLK: The last day of camp was good – we parted ways saying “good luck, enjoy the rest of your summer, I liked how you played – I hope I see you again next summer.” It was an accomplishment. I’ve never experienced anything like that. It was amazing.

What do you hope will happen in 2016?
FLK: I can’t wait to attend TMC in 2016! I want to see my bandmates and maybe play with new people. I also hope I get to play some Linkin Park this time.

What would you tell parents who are considering TMC?
You really should send your kids. It’s such an amazing experience, they get to bond with other kids and play their instrument, join a band and have a lot of fun.

What would you tell kids who are considering TMC?
FLK: It was amazing. I’m glad I went because otherwise I wouldn’t know how amazing the experience would be. That’s the only way to know – you have got to spend a week at Toronto Music Camp. You will love it.

Fiona’s Rock Camp Video


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