Top Five Music Videos from Toronto Music Camp 2018

It’s so interesting to see how some of the kids change and grow (both in height and musical talent) year after year. This year, we welcomed veteran campers to join us as CITs. The CITs proved exceptionally helpful to the camp counsellors and the younger musicians by filling in missing guitar, bass and vocal parts wherever needed.

1. Readymade by Red Hot Chili Peppers, covered by Postural Hypotension

Readymade by Red Hot Chili Peppers, covered by Postural Hypotension. Sometimes the right talent comes together and picks the right song to showcase those talents – this was one of those moments. Postural Hypotension pairs a couple of our TMC veterans with some raw new talent. The result is hands-down the best recording of the summer – an almost flawless cover of this funky RHCP jam. Take a look here.

2. Can’t Buy Me Love by the Beatles, covered by The Nameless

Cuteness alert! The youngest band of the season comes roaring into the Top 5 list because they did this Beatles classic a fair bit of justice for such youngsters and they had a ton of fun while doing it. Get your fill of cute with their video here.

3. Running Back to Saskatoon by The Guess Who, covered by Swagnicity

Swagnicity swaggered right into the top spot with this fun and upbeat rendition of Running Back to Saskatoon. What you can expect from this fun-loving bunch: two vocalists playing back and forth overtop ample keyboards and a strong drummer holding the song down. What we love most is the amount of fun the band seems to be having while recording. See for yourself.

4. Joker and The Thief by Wolfmother, covered by I Dropped My Quiosan

One of the Toronto Music Camp staple songs of the summer, this is one song that challenges even our most talented musicians. While they were dropping their Quiosan (whatever that is), this band brings out the best in the song, with some amazing guitar and solid bass and drum with strong vocal talents coming together. Get a load of this crazy talent.

5. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, covered by Pizza Cats

While rock and roll is usually what the bands gravitate towards, this cover was one of those that the band was eager to do, and they showed their stripes by adapting to the versatility that this song required and made it their own by throwing in a little lounge swing. Dig the groove here.

Bonus! This is How We Do Hip Hop at Toronto Music Camp!

This year we piloted our first-ever Hip-Hop camp week. The results are this stunning mash-up of Bruno Mars’ Finesse, Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time, and Montell Jordan’s 90’s classic, This is How We Do It. Check out Flooded Basement’s Hip Hop Mashup here.

We are already looking forward to an incredible 2019 Toronto Music Camp! Get your kids enrolled before it fills up!



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