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Top Five Music Videos from Toronto Music Camp 2018

It’s so interesting to see how some of the kids change and grow (both in height and musical talent) year after year. This year, we welcomed veteran campers to join us as CITs. The CITs proved exceptionally helpful to the camp counsellors and the younger musicians by...

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Top Ten Music Videos from Toronto Rock Camp 2017

What do you get when you combine some of the most talented music students in Toronto, and around the world (literally. We had students from Mexico Greece this summer!) with the best music teachers in the city? The best summer at Toronto Music Camp in our 11 years. Fun...

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Top 8 Music Videos of Toronto Music Camp 2016

It seems like every year we’re expanding this list to cover more of the incredible talent that comes through the Toronto Music Camp every year. For these videos, five simply wasn’t enough. Eight really isn’t either, but we had to draw the line somewhere. We can wax...

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Top 8 TMC Music Videos of 2015

This year Toronto Music Camp celebrated our 10th year anniversary with style. Our campers surprised us with their incredible talent. All of the vocal and rock camp groups did an amazing job creating a unique sound and worked hard to pull off fantastic performances...

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Top 5 Toronto Music Camp Videos of 2014

With only a couple of weeks to go before opening the doors on our 10th year of Toronto Music Camp, we are busy getting everything ready to welcome this year’s summer campers. The instructors are hired, the groups are being put together and the campers are getting...

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Three Classic Covers from Rock Camp 2013

For 9 years, Toronto Music Camp (TMC) has given young aspiring musicians a place to rock out and experience life as a musician. There's no other sumer camp in Toronto like it! In five short days groups come together as a band, learn new skills, attend clinics and...

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Three Creative Videos from Voice Camp 2013

Every year at Toronto Music Camp (TMC), we are blown away by our talented students. This year's summer camp was no exception. All of our Voice Camp groups put their heart and soul into their end-of-week music videos - and it shows! These three groups set a new height...

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Three Canadian Covers from Rock Camp 2012

The bands in our 2012 Rock Camp were out of this world. They were all tight and well-rehearsed. In fact, many of the songs were so good that YouTube mistook them for the original tune and attempted to block them. We appealed and won. In 2012 our groups did everything...

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Four Awesome Voice Camp Videos from 2012

2012 was a great year for Toronto Music Camp (TMC). We had larger Voice Camp groups, which created something a little bit different in the majority of our music videos. You see, with only five days to get down to business and make magic happen, many hands make light...

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