Toronto Music Camp – Different from Other Summer Camps in Toronto
Music Camp Toronto
What’s Different About Toronto Music Camp?

Toronto Music Camp (TMC) is an ultra modern spin on summer music camps around Toronto. It’s a whole new band camp, designed for budding musicians age 8-16 who want to join a band and experience first-hand what life as a working musician is like. By focusing on developing the musicianship of our campers, we provide exactly what the they came for: a week of intensive music study.There are other music camps in Toronto, begging the question: what is so different about Toronto Music Camp? We’re glad you asked, because there are several important differences that shape a unique experience for the campers.

Undiluted Rock ‘n Roll
We don’t dilute the musical experience of our summer camp one bit. TMC gives budding musicians the opportunity to experience life as a working musician. Aside from a quick game of soccer outside to freshen the mind and spirit, our campers to use every possible second of their week immersed in their musical pursuits. The result is that they come out of camp knowing what a career as a musician might be like. They have gigs scheduled, a band, new friends, and a lot more skill under their belt. There’s no other summer camp in Toronto like us.

Voice Camp
Many music camps take vocalists and lump them in with rock bands. On the surface that seems to make sense, after all bands need vocalists. But what do vocalists need? A week worth of instrumentally-focused music workshops or a week of intensive voice coaching? Toronto Music Camp has created a separate Voice Camp to give our singers a more focused path where they learn to harmonize, sing leads and backups and learn how to make sweet vocal music together. Voice campers will have the opportunities to join in with bands during performances throughout the summer and beyond, and singers are still welcome to join the Rock Camp if they prefer.

Environmentally Sound
Both Rock Camp and Vocal Camp are laid back and relaxed; the kind of summer camps teenagers excel in (and actually admit are cool). While we have classes, clinics and plenty of other scheduled activities, we treat our teens like young adults and give them the right amount of flexibility and freedom to be creative and still stay focused. For lunch, our groups usually take a vote to determine where they want to eat and then go dine together or bring it back to the school. This kind of environment is true to the experience of being a musician, fosters camaraderie, teaches kids to make good decisions and is more enjoyable for them.

Designed for Kids and Teens
“Summer camp is lame” your teenager tells you. Not anymore it isn’t. Toronto Music Camp challenges this theory with Rock Camp and Voice Camp. What could be lame about forming a rock band or a pop vocal group, recording a video and performing live concerts?

Professional Recording and Music Videos
At the end of the week, our groups team up with our professional sound engineer and talented videographer and get to work recording a cool music video that will be memorialized on YouTube for years to come.

Get Gigs
Our bands and vocal groups have the opportunity to perform at venues around Toronto throughout the summer, with many groups teaming back up one or two times for special performances during the regular school year.

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