Toronto’s Best Summer Music Camp for 2016
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Toronto Music Camp (TMC) is all geared up to launch the best year of rock camp ever! Oddly enough, there’s hardly any other summer camps in Toronto where kids can join a rock band to record and perform. TMC is Toronto’s original rock camp, founded in 2005. Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of summer music camps come and go; none of them have offered the same enriching experience we give your kids.

Run by Elite Music Academy, TMC also offers a unique Voice Camp for kids ages 8-16. This experience is absolutely amazing and offers vocalists the opportunity to work with expert music educators to refine their vocal skills, compose their own music and create a real music video at the end of the week! Students will work with professional recording engineers and videographers in a truly unique and exciting experience.

Rock Camp, much like Voice Camp, gives instrumental musicians the chance to refine their skills with instruction from expert music teachers while performing live in exciting venues all around Toronto. All the bands at Rock Camp will get to shoot their own music video as well. Writing their own music and covering some of the best artists of all time are also an exciting part of this awesome summer camp experience!

Let’s be honest…these experiences are very rare and unique. No one brings the fun, excitement and passion to rock music instruction like Toronto Music Camp. Not only will our campers have a blast, but they’ll create some lasting friendships and bonds with other musicians while receiving great instruction and refinement to their craft. Who knows, one of the next breakthrough bands in the world could start right here at Toronto Music Camp! So what are you waiting for? Get registered today!

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