Three Creative Videos from Voice Camp 2013

Every year at Toronto Music Camp (TMC), we are blown away by our talented students. This year’s summer camp was no exception. All of our Voice Camp groups put their heart and soul into their end-of-week music videos – and it shows!

These three groups set a new height for creative TMC music videos, with mash-ups and original compositions, outdoor video shoots and staged choreographies. The most impressive part of this is that they conceptualized, wrote, rehearsed and filmed their music in only five days, but when you see these videos, you’ll think they put weeks into them. While many of our Voice Camp students attended more than one week, and some of them grace more than one of these videos, none of these groups are the same. Here are three of our summer camps most creative videos from Voice Camp 2013:

“Want You Back” – Turtle Kiss. Our first video cleverly mashes the pop hit “Want U Back” by Cher Lloyd with the classic Jackson 5 song “I Want You Back.” The 11-member all-girl Voice Camp band known as Turtle Kiss turned these two songs into a single smooth mashed up tune and completed the song with stalker-like antics just to keep it light and fun, proving that creativity can come in the form of reinvention with a little bit of silliness.

“All Day, All Night” – The Moon Jumpers. Not only did The Moon Jumpers write an all-original composition in five days, they also came up with a choreography for the video and meshed the two brilliantly, taking advantage of Toronto’s fantastic summer weather and a serene park. The umbrellas were a lovely touch as well. The song is uplifting and sung beautifully. This song is a testament to what can be accomplished in Voice Camp in one week.

“You Blew It” – The Grannies of Rock. The harmonic, lyrical song is another completely original composition, this time created by the talented young ladies of “The Grannies of Rock”. The song is spunky, sweet and uplifting to girls everywhere, sung into hairbrushes and sounds as though it was rehearsed for months. Each of the group members takes the microphone (hairbrush) for their own brief solo, with the group singing the chorus in harmony.

We must give honourable mention to the clever song “Pitch Mashup” by the Age Mashup. These ladies cherry-picked song clips referencing age, such as “I Love Rock and Roll” and “Saw Her Standing There” to create an upbeat dance tune referencing ages ranging from 16-22. The girls added some props and hammed it up for the camera, and the result was a new TMC smash hit. What other summer camps in Toronto can pull this off?



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